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Artigiana Marmi introduces 'Cooking Surface Prime'

Artigiana Marmi introduces 'Cooking Surface Prime', the new induction cooking system with invisible heating elements.

Artigiana Marmi presents 'Cooking Surface Prime,' the new induction cooking system by ABK Group, designed to seamlessly integrate with the range of sintered slabs produced by the brand.

It may appear as a simple worktop, but it conceals a highly innovative integrated induction cooking system. It represents a synthesis of design and technology, combining the aesthetics of the large sintered slabs from ABK Group with the advantages of cutting-edge and patented cooking. The system allows for optimal use of the workspace, facilitating various kitchen tasks comfortably. Food preparation is significantly faster compared to traditional gas cooking. The surface remains cool, and heat is directly transferred to the pots, ensuring significant energy savings.

When not in use for cooking, the top offers the possibility of being utilized for other activities. It can be installed exclusively in conjunction with the slabs from ABK Group, produced to minimize internal material tensions.

ABK Group slabs are guaranteed for 25 years and are suitable for both domestic and professional use. They are resistant to high temperatures, stains, scratches, and knives, allowing for cutting and food preparation directly on the surface. The material is easy to clean, being waterproof and non-porous, making it highly hygienic.

The system is protected by a European patent related to the 'Induction Cooking System on Porcelain Surface,' validated in numerous countries, granting ABK Group exclusive rights for the production and commercialization of Cooking Surface Prime.


Artigiana Marmi introduces 'Cooking Surface Prime'
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