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    We want to bring design and the best craftsmanship of "made in Italy" to Italy and around the world.

  • Artigiana Marmi

    We want to reach beyond traditional products to bring innovative products and technologies to the market, and therefore differentiate ourselves from others.

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    Artigiana Marmi

    Constant innovation and research and development are the strength of our competitive advantage.

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    Artigiana Marmi

    We offer an exemplary range of products and high quality services, able to satisfy every single customer.


Amteca is an innovative multifunctional business service connecting professionals and end users, enabling navigation, research and identification of different types of materials, whether natural such as marble, stone and granite, or of synthetic origin, such as modern-based composite quartz, ceramics or other types, to suit every need.

  • Showcase Materials

    Discover our natural and synthetic stones, materials, range of colors and specifications are displayed.

  • Catalogs Materials

    Discover our partners, view and download the lists in pdf format.

  • Research Materials

    Simply click the material or the color that best suits your needs.



Amcad 2.0 is an innovative tool created by Artigiani Marmi and dedicated to our clients and collaborators. From all over the world at any time and from any type of computer our Partners can see their portfolio and Active Orders or manage quotes with just a few clicks by creating their budgets in a few easy steps, all in the greatest transparency, speed and security.

  • AMCAD 1.0

    Your backlog always available online! Go to Trial Version.

  • AMCAD 2.0 available from 2016!

    Your portfolio online quotes! To manage the offers in a simple and effective.

  • AMCAD 3.0

    Currently it used only internally but in the future available in our portal AMCAD! Just a drawing and we'll do the rest, with a few clicks!


    Request a quotation or a catalog from us is simple and free. Enter the section and fill out the form!


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Artigiana Marmi è a company founded and created by the family Mastrogiacomi, who comes from a long working experience in the processing of marble, stone, granite and quartz.


Artigiana Marmi S.r.l.
Via L. Nobili, 9
61032 Fano (zona Rosciano)
Pesaro Urbino - ITALY


Telephone: +39 0721 820216
Fax: +39 0721 868497
E-mail: info@artmarmi.it
Abroad: internationaltrade@artmarmi.it

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Artigiana Marmi S.r.l. - Via L. Nobili, 9 - 61032 Fano (zona Rosciano) - Pesaro Urbino - ITALIA - Partita IVA 02279960419 - REA PS 168614
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